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Hypnotherapy for children

What do we treat children for?

Hypnotherapy can be sensitively used in the treatment of childhood problems such as bedwetting, fear of the dark, phobias, anxiety issues, nervous disorders, ADHA etc.

What sort of treatment is used for children?

In the case of children, only very gentle forms of hypnotherapy are used with carefully designed hypnotic suggestions and exercises to relieve anxiety and "blow away" bottled up fears and emotions that can cause children great distress.

Why chose hypnotherapy for your child?

Hypnotherapy can be a very gentle and non-threatening form of treatment, performed in a totally safe and comfortable environment. As well as the therapist, another adult, usually a parent/guardian, is also present and the child is treated in a very sympathetic and appropriate manner.

How do I know hypnotherapy will work for my child?

Hypnotherapy helps many children with problems such as bedwetting, fears and phobias. Most children are very receptive to positive empowering suggestions and engage well in simple "exercises" to help them regain control.

A free initial consultation is encouraged so that the individual circumstances of the child can be discussed.

My child is different, how will hypnotherapy help them?

No two children are the same and each child's problems and needs are different. That is why a free initial consultation is encouraged - so that you can meet the therapist and we can meet you and the child and discuss their needs and appropriate treatment.

At what age do you treat children with hypnotherapy?

I am sorry but we do not treat children under the age of 8 years old.


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Children's hypnotherapist in Tattenhall, Chester, Cheshire



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