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Performance enhancement

Hypnosis and performance enhancement have gone hand-in-hand for many years.

Many people associated Hypnosis with Performance enhancement and assume that it’s just for sport performance.

That in itself is a testament to how widely respected and regarded sports performance enhancement and hypnosis have become in recent years. But enhancing a “performance” goes way beyond just sport.

Much of what we do in every day life can be described as a performance, a performance really is any situation where you must focus on achieving your best and attaining your goal. Often you have to put aside whatever feelings and emotions you may have at the time in order to give your best performance when needed.

Hypnosis helps you achieve more in your “performance” by allowing you to ignore distractions around you, stay focused on your tasks and goal, remain relaxed and clear headed and Improve your concentration and memory, Hypnosis allows you to remain calm and relaxed supreme confidence.


Public Speaking

Standing in front of an audience can be daunting, whether the audience is small and the venue intimate or a large auditorium with hundreds of people. Hypnosis can help you focus on talking clearly and strongly.

Hypnosis enables you to more easily remember without needing to refer to notes or cue cards. You will remain calm and relaxed, feel confidence and self assured. Enabling you to enjoy public speaking even more.

Hypnosis helps you improve your public speaking by:

  • Giving you confidence
  • Helping you remain relaxed
  • Stay focused
  • Speak clearly and confintly
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for notes or cue cards
  • Cope easily with unexpected events
  • Perform at your very best
  • Enjoy public speaking more


Sales and Marketing

You wish to present your product or services in the best possible light. Hypnosis can help you sell more effectively by getting in the right mood (or state). Staying focused on the product or services and continually striving for your goal to make the sale.

Hypnosis can also help you to quickly and easily build rapport with potential clients, making it easier to make each sale.

Hypnosis lets you see things more positively, so even when you don’t make the sale it can be viewed in a positive way that makes future selling easier.

Hypnosis Helps you

  • Improve your Sales and Marketing figures
  • Reach your targets and focussed you on being more successful
  • Gain more confidence
  • Remain more focused
  • Quickly get into the right state for optimal selling
  • Stay relaxed, calm and friendly
  • Increase your persuasiveness
  • Quickly build Rapport
  • See everything more positively (even when you don’t make the sale)
  • Reach Targets more easily
  • Focus more effectively Ignore distractions
  • Perform at your best
  • Be more successful
  • Enjoy sales and marketing more



Standing up in front of small group can be just as daunting as standing up in front of a hundred or a thousand, for some people it’s even more terrifying than presenting to a large audience, because its’ more intimate, the audience are often much closer physically and often know more about the speaker personally.

Hypnosis can help you relax and concentrate on the subject matter, not the location or the audience. It can increase the clarity of your presentation and the engage the audience.

Hypnosis helps you make better presentations:

  • Helps you stay calm and relaxed
  • Look and Feel more confident
  • Give more engaging presentations
  • Ensure your message come through
  • Build better rapport with those you’re presenting to
  • Speak more clearly and steadily
  • Increase your concentration Improve your memory, reducing or eliminating the need for slides, cue cards or notes
  • Be more in control
  • Cope easily with unexpected events
  • Give Better presentations
  • Enjoy giving presentations.


How Hypnosis can improve Exams and Test performance

The key to passing exams with high marks is often down to the techniques employed during learning, revision and during the examination itself. Studies have shown that memory is state dependent that means that it’s much easier to recall information when you’re in the same mood (or state) as when you first learn it, or revised it.

Exams are often stressful situations, and often creates a different state from the learning state. Hypnosis can help you not only feel more relaxed during exams but enables you to form a “bridge” between the relaxed learning state you were in when you revised the information and the more stressful situation of an exam.

Hypnosis enables you to turn the stress of an exam into a force to enable you to perform at your best. Not all stress is bad, in short bursts, like exams, stress can be a very useful tool. Allowing your brain to work faster, meaning you can often read questions faster and write faster.

However, all too often, the positive stress for an exam gets out of control and the scales are tipped to allow negative stress to develop. Negative stress works to your disadvantage, having been shown to depress the immune system, lower concentration, and reduce overall performance.

Hypnosis can provide you with not only useful skills and tools to allow you learn, revise and recall information more easily, but enables you to control the stress of an exam situation and use it to your advantage. Hypnosis can help with all exam situations, whether these exams are academic – in schools, colleges or universities or whether they’re involve more practical assessment. Like musical exams, Driving Tests, Competitions or quizzes.


Hypnosis helps you perform better in exams:

  • Staying focused
  • Taking control of stress
  • Becoming more relaxed
  • Using positive stress to help you perform better
  • Increasing your confidence Increase your concentreation
  • Improving your memory Improve your
  • learning ability
  • Aiding your ability to recal facts and details
  • Increase your reading speed
  • Increase your writing speed
  • Reduce fatigue in your hand and wrist from writing
  • Improve your practical abilities
  • Enhance your academic abilities
  • Become more motivated to learn, revise and pass exams
  • Learn exam techniques
  • Enjoy taking exams
  • Enjoy exam success


Hypnosis can help you when you’re training and motivating staff

A good trainer is someone who is in tune with their students. Someone who motivates and leads by example, using their enthusiasm and personality to its fullest potential. Using the power of your own mind Hypnosis can help you unlock all your potential to become a better teacher and trainer.

Hypnosis lets you quickly and easily build rapport with your students.









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