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What is social phobia?

Social fears are incredibly common and a major cause of anxiety in so many people. The symptoms are varied and most lead to the sufferer feeling humiliated and embarrassed when faced with social situations. The effect on their life can be at best, a horrible inconvenience and at worst, completely devastating. Social anxiety is probably the main reason that people walk through the consulting-room door, because the sufferer's life can be so severely affected.

How does social phobia feel?

If you suffer from some form of social phobia, even the most everyday social situation can present a real challenge. Making a phone call, going out to dinner, catching a train and even going to the shops can be a real problem.

Some of the physical sensations and outward signs that a social phobic can experience include: blushing, stuttering, feeling inferior or "silly", panic attacks, feeling dizzy and out of control, hot flushes, sweating and many others. Social anxiety can really govern a person's life. Sufferers dread situations that they should be looking forward to and their entire life can be spent worrying about forthcoming events and, of course, the more they worry, the worse the feelings become. It is a self-perpetuating phobia.

How can hypnotherapy help social phobia?

In virtually all cases of social phobia, the problem begins in early childhood, with the symptoms worsening in adult life.

Emotions in childhood can be intense and if left unresolved lead to greater tensions and eventually produce physical symptoms in adult life.

Using analytical therapy (hypno-analysis), the unconscious cause of all that "bottled-up" emotion can be identified and working together we can release the intense feelings that you have carried throughout your life. When this happens the physical symptoms dissolve and you can begin to take control of your life again. You will become a much happier and more confident person, not only able to deal with social situations, but to thoroughly enjoy them.

Symptoms helped:
blushing or fear of blushing
feeling hot and bothered and 'on the spot'
sweating or feeling dizzy
lack of confidence
stuttering or stammering
public speaking
fear of doing presentations
fear of talking on the phone
feeling inferior
fear of talking
feeling embarrassed in front of others
fear of being humiliated
fear of eating out in public
not being able to pee (men)
otherwise known as shy bladder or paruresis
sexual inhibitions
and much more...


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Social phobia treatment  hypnotherapy Tattenhall Chester Cheshire



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