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Obesity and smoking speed up ageing
Source: Guardian 14-06-2005
New research has suggested that smoking and obesity accelerate ageing effects as well as shortening lives. DNA damage is increased: being obese adds nearly nine years to a person's age, while 20 cigarettes a day for 40 years adds more than seven years, according to Tim Spector of St Thomas's hospital, London. “If you tell a girl in her teens or her 20s that if she carries on smoking she could die at 75 instead of 80, it might not have much effect. But if you tell her she is going to look much older when she is still a young woman, that could make her consider giving up cigarettes and eat healthily.”

Big Brother measures to catch smokers
Source: Daily Telegraph 21-06-2005
The government has announced plans to catch smokers and fine them through an “intelligence-led approach to enforcing the law”. The new laws effectively criminalise smoking in public places with informers encouraged to report breaches in the bans, which prohibit smoking rooms in workplaces and other locations such as bus shelters and outside of office blocks. There will be fines of £200 for companies who fail to show “No Smoking” signs and individuals could face £50 fines. The plans were originally revealed in 2004 in the public health White Paper, Choosing Health. The current announcement gives more details and definitions and invites comment over the next three months.

CBI pushes for smoking ban
Source: Financial Times 20-06-2005
The Confederation of British Industry is preparing to harden its stance on a public ban on smoking ahead of its three-month consultation with the government regarding a partial veto. “A total ban is the way the wind’s blowing. Our members are quite sensible: they see the writing on the wall . . . We will seek the views of our members on the issue,” said a CBI spokesman. It is believed that new health secretary Patricia Hewitt will show a tougher stance on the issue that her predecessor John Reid, under whom a white paper was issued in 2004 stating that bars that did not serve food would be exempt from any ban. Anti-smoking group Ash welcomed a shift in stance: “Ash is delighted the government is considering supporting a comprehensive smoking ban without exemption,” said Ash director Deborah Arnott. “This is the courageous and correct approach and will lead to the biggest step forward in public health for 30 years.”

Imperial victorious in 12 year legal fight
Source: Independent 01-06-2005
Imperial Tobacco will not have to pay compensation to Margaret McTear, a widow whose husband, Alfred McTear, smoked 60 cigarettes a day and died from lung cancer. Mrs McTear sued Imperial for £500,000 in 1993, insisting that the company knew that cigarettes kill and hid the information for as long as possible. The judge, Lord Nimmo Smith, ruled that the company had not been found liable for Mr McTear’s death as he was aware of the dangers of smoking and had chosen to ignore them.

Cigarette prices should go up 50% to persuade people not to smoke
Source: Evening Standard 13-05-2005
Medical journal The Lancet says cigarette prices should go up by 50% a year to persuade people not to smoke. Its editorial called for big increases in tax on tobacco in all nations to prevent a worldwide lung cancer epidemic. Tobacco causes five million deaths worldwide each year.

Prudential introduces “vitality points”
Source: Sunday Times 24-04-2005
Prudential has introduced a “vitality points” medical insurance scheme, which allows customers to win money for going to the gym on a regular basis, giving up smoking, eating more healthily and having regular health checks. The healthiest clients could even earn a full refund of the cost of a year’s cover – around £1,000 – if they have not made a claim over a 12-month period, although the average prize will be more like £250.

Insurers highlight smoking risks
Source: Daily Telegraph 20-04-2005
Data used to calculate insurance premiums from the Actuarial Profession has indicated that smoking cuts at least five-and-a-half years off the life expectancy of a 30-year-old man and nearly seven off that of a similar-aged woman. The figures showed that over-60s were more than twice as likely to die if they smoked than if they didn’t. Cancer campaigners, however, believe the AP is underestimating the figures, claiming that smoking cuts nearly 10 years off life expectancy.

NU investigates outcome of passive smoking claims
Source: Daily Telegraph 11-04-2005
Norwich Union has responded to receiving a “handful” of claims for compensation related to Environmental Tobacco Smoke by commissioning a law firm to investigate the possibility of a lung cancer sufferer receiving compensation. NU is the first UK insurer to launch such an investigation. Craig Templeton, head of liability claims, said that UK insurers had collectively received “less than 50” ETS-related claims

Giving up smoking can cut cost of life insurance
Source: Financial Adviser 10-03-2005
According to Lifesearch, people who have given up smoking can cut the cost of their life insurance 12 months after giving-up. As well as saving as much as £100,000 a year, Lifesearch advises ex-smokers to rearrange their life insurance after national No Smoking Day on 9 March to reduce their premiums. .





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